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The Institute for Biotechnology and Medicine Industry (IBMI) and Research Center for Biotechnology and Medicine Policy (RBMP) are established in 2002 and 2009, respectively, by Mr. Jin-Pyng Wang, the former chair of Taiwan’s Legislative Yuan, to integrate resources and promote the biomedical and healthcare industry. IBMI and RBMP are the most recognized organizations between the government, academia, medical practice, and biotechnology industry. Over the years, we have positioned ourselves to serve Taiwan’s biomedical and healthcare communities with the following missions:

  1. Policy Think Tank
  2. Global Partnering Platform
  3. Award & Certification
  4. Start-up Incubation



Mr. Jin-Pyng Wang is the current president of RBMP and founder of IBMI, and Dr. Wei-Chao Chen (former President of National Taiwan University) is the Honorary Chairman of IBMI. The current chairman of IBMI is Dr. San-Cheng (Simon) Chang (former Premier of Taiwan), with Dr. Pan-Chyr Yang (former President of National Taiwan University) and Dr. Wen-Chang Chang (President of Taipei Medical University’s Board of Directors) as the vice chairmen. The board members consist of leaders from major universities and medical institutes, government officials, and industrialists from listed companies. Currently, IBMI has more than 350 members from the medical, biotech, pharmaceutical, IT, and electronic sectors that are making impacts in the global health industry.


Policy Think Tank

Over the years, we have been engaging in biomedical industry policy research and pushing regulation reforms. In 2007, IBMI boosted the Act for the Development of Biotech and New Pharmaceuticals Industry. According to the act, companies engaged in the research and development of new drugs and class III implantable medical devices can benefit from tax exemption of R&D expenses. Other activities include The Science and Technology Basic Law, The Human Biological Database Management Act, and amendments to the existing Pharmaceutical Affairs Law and Medical Care Act to fine-tune the whole sector. In addition, we have taken on influential roles on the promotion of cross-strait medical and health agreement, the acceleration of cooperation in clinical trials for new drugs, and the international harmonization of drug registration under the ICH guidelines.


Global Partnering Platform

We strive to promote and strengthen the development of the biomedical industry through international collaborations. The newly launched Taiwan Healthcare+ online portal integrates the best medical centers and biotech companies together and provides the global community with convenient access to find world-class medical teams and cutting-edge companies in the biomedical industry for strategic partnerships and business opportunities. It is an online networking platform for biomedical business professionals to stay connected year-round. In addition, the annual Taiwan Healthcare+ Expo has grown to become the signature expo in Asia Pacific that strategically connects medical, biotech, devices, electronics, IT, precision machinery, precision medicine, and health management industries together in one place. Every year, the expo gathers world-class medical institutes, biotech/pharmaceutical companies, and multi-national tech giants to showcase their latest innovations and spark interdisciplinary collaborations with unlimited potential!


Award & Certification

To ensure the safety and quality of medical services and biomedical products provided to the general public, we established the Symbol of National Quality (SNQ, which also implies for Safety & Quality) certification system and the National Quality Awards. For almost 20 years since the establishments, the SNQ certification and the National Quality Awards have grown to be recognized as the most representative quality-ensuring systems for the biomedical and healthcare communities in Taiwan. Each year, medical teams and biomedical companies go through a rigorous reviewing process to prove that their products and services are of exceptional standards. Over the years, these quality-ensuring activities have greatly encouraged the advancement of Taiwan’s biomedical products and services as well as benefited consumers, patients, and the industries significantly.


Start-up Incubation

We established the National Innovation Award as a platform for groups from academia or startups with new technologies. We collaborate with universities, research institutes, and international venture capitals as strategic partners to promote biomedical research, development, marketing, and commercialization. To date, we have initiated numerous cases of technology transfers between research institutions and the industry that eventually led to new ventures. Notably, 5 of these ventures have successfully undergone IPOs.


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