IBMI invited to the Australian Healthcare Week to expand international network

In the Taiwan-Australia Economic Conference 2018, IBMI proposed and discussed the "Taiwan-Australia Biotechnology Industry Cooperation", and suggested that Taiwan-Australia bilateral cooperation was due to commence from 2019 onwards.

IBMI was then invited to the Australia Healthcare Week 2019 on 24 to 28 March. Chung-Liang Chien, CEO of IBMI, was accompanied by his associates to Australia, met with three influential industry associations there and invited Australian partners to the Expo.

The first stop of this trip was to meet with Michael Roff, the CEO of the Australian Private Hospitals Association (APHA). This association 350 hospital members, a few of which iconic ones have been seven-star accredited by international medical certification commissions.

In addition to briefing on achievements that the Expo had reached over the past three years, Chien welcomed APHA members to Taiwan for further collaborations, Roff replied that APHA will bring attention to the board of directors regarding its participation in the Expo.

Following the visit, Chien was invited to deliver a keynote speech at the Australian Healthcare Week, where he navigated the audience through Taiwan’ healthcare industry, cross-industry collaborations between hospitals and the technology sector as well as opportunities that the Healthcare+ Expo has to offer for Australia to expand its international footprint in APAC markets.

In addition, IBMI also paid a special visit to Ian Burgess, CEO of the Medical Technology Association of Australia (MTAA) (second from the right). During the meeting, Mr Burgess mentioned that Taiwan is known for its foundry and contract manufacturing and has been part of relevant supply chains across Europe and the US, which can provide services for Australian health-tech startups wishing to accelerate the progress of product commercialisation. MTAA confirmed that Chien’s message will be shared with MTAA members and they look forward to expanding international network through bilateral, tangible collaborations.

IBMI also had the very first meeting with Robert Best, Chairman of the Medical Software Industry Association (MSIA)(second from right), to discuss cooperation at the end of the year. Emma Hossack, former CEO of MSIA, attended and signed an MOU with the Healthcare+ Expo Taiwan in 2018. The meeting with MSIA ensured that Taiwan and Australia will cement bilateral industrial links with the healthcare sector, bridge both sides with opportunities for partnership and co-host a grand forum featuring digital health at the Healthcare+ Expo.

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