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Formosa Plastics commits $390m to medical supplies

Formosa Plastics will dedicate TWD$390m to a manufacturing facility for medical supplies in Renwu, Kaohsiung. The site is expected to launch in June, 2022, which will be developing and making composite materials for medical use.  

Formosa has forged ahead the transformation in its Renwu plant and projects involving Industry 4.0, artificial intelligence R&D, dye-sensitised solar cells and composite materials, to strengthen its competitiveness whilst upscaling industries in country.

The company had been part of the team Taiwan amid the global pandemic, supplying raw materials required to produce PPEs and other hygiene-related consumables. Chien-Nan Lin, chairman at Formosa Plastics, spoke in a shareholder meeting that Formosa has since been looking at opportunities to add values to plastics, and to expand plastic applications in healthcare and hygiene products.

Having developed certain consumer goods, such as antimicrobial shell powder, a natural antimicrobial material made with oyster shells, the new facility in Renwu aims to develop antimicrobial and composite materials that can be used in medicine.

Formosa also joins hands with its affiliated company PuriBlood, to develop composite pellets (PP, PVC and EVA) using a dual ion, polymer anti-adhesive technology. They are aimed at medical supplies and merchandises for consumers and businesses, now in a patent filing process.  

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