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Genovate Biotechnology unveils three growth strategies

Genovate Biotechnology told its shareholders on Tuesday, 10 August, that the company will steer business to where visibility and profitability of Genovate can be improved, based on three growth strategies: Provision of OEM/ODM service meeting PIC/S GMP standards in the region, R&D capacity building for therapeutics, as well as international partnerships development for new drugs and novel medical devices.

Genovate is the first government-invested pharmaceutical company in Taiwan, now trialling new drugs PMR for intermittent claudication, DPP4 inhibitor DBPR108 for type 2 diabetes in Taiwan, China and US. On top of that, Genovate has recently completed three patent applications and the synthesis of APIs for an immunomodulatory drug GV17, the first-in-human, pharmacokinetic study is expected to commence after submission of IND filing in 2021.

The company partners with NaviFus to have developed a neuro-navigation-guided ultrasound system dedicated to central nervous system diseases. The system is designed to deliver focal energy through the skull to vessels nearer lesion in the brain, works to temporarily open the blood-brain barrier (BBB) as a way to increase efficacy of radiotherapy in patients with primary brain tumours and improves efficiency of drug delivery up to 10 times. NaviFus applies surgical navigation to FUS energy which can be guided to target the desired treatment area.

Genovate and NaviFus have started a holding company and invested R&D in Australia, where they can benefit from local regulation and taxation. NaviFus has been approved to conduct its first clinical trial for the treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease through industry-academia cooperation in Melbourne, a home to neurology. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the trial is pending and tentatively scheduled in Q3, 2021.    

News compiled by IBMI; Source in Chinese: China Times 

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