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Taiwan’s Acura NanoMedicine reduces drug resistance in cancer cells

Source: BioSpectrum Asia

Taiwanese startup Acura NanoMedicine Inc has announced a groundbreaking nanotech-based solution to reduce instances of drug resistance and give new life to cancer treatments.

There are as many as 165 or more genes implicated in pancreatic tumour drug resistance. With one of the highest mortality rates among cancers, the five-year survival rate for treating patients is 5%.

By manipulating cancer cell metabolism and tumor microenvironment simultaneously, AN-845 acts as a "nuclear warhead," endorsed by Acura NanoMedicine Inc. as a super-effective anti-cancer drug. In experiments, the scientists of Acura NanoMedicine Inc. have observed firstly, AN-845 can completely block the growth of chemo-resistant pancreatic cancer in living animals.

Secondly, when previously failed chemotherapeutic drugs combine with AN-845, AN-845 they can overcome drug resistance and restore the effectiveness of failed drugs. They can even go further by generating a synergistic anti-cancer effect to maximize therapeutic outcomes. The effect also extends beyond pancreatic cancer.

Right now Acura NanoMedicine is applying AN-845 to treat glioblastoma (an aggressive form of brain cancer), liver cancer, colon cancer among others.

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