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Eisai to launch digital tool CogMate™ in Taiwan and Hong Kong

Source: Cogstate Ltd.

Cogstate (ASX.CGS), via its global commercial partner Eisai Co., Ltd, is pleased to announce that Cogstate technology will be marketed directly to consumers in Taiwan and in Hong Kong through its Taiwanese subsidiary Eisai Taiwan Inc. (Location: Taipei) and Hong Kong subsidiary Eisai (Hong Kong) Co.  This will be the first release of Cogstate technology in the Asian region (excluding Japan). Similar launch in additional countries, including Singapore, is expected shortly. 

The initial sales efforts for the product, branded as CogMate, will initially target municipalities and corporations.

CogMate is a global multilingual version of NouKNOW®, a digital tool (non-medical device) for self-assessment of brain performance, developed and distributed by Eisai using the cognitive function test Cogstate Brief BatteryTM (CBB) created by Cogstate.  For the Asian region, CogMate is equipped with multilingual functions such as Chinese (Traditional Chinese) and English.  CogMate can be deployed via a PC, tablet or smartphone.  

CogMate is designed to enable regular assessments of brain health. CogMate provides immediate results – the Brain Performance Index (BPI) measures aspects of cognition such as memory and decision making, and the results are provided in conjunction with lifestyle advice for maintaining brain performance.

Given the rapidly aging population in Asia, the total number of those living with dementia across the region is expected to continue to increase.  The societal cost of dementia management is significant, including increased health costs, and family and social burden. 

Eisai is aiming to create an ecosystem to both prevent dementia and support those living with dementia, through the release of pharmaceutical products as well as other solutions, such as cognitive assessment.  Research conducted by Eisai has shown significant anxiety associated with a diagnosis of dementia, for both the individual patient as well as society broadly.  With the launch of CogMate, Eisai will promote self-assessment and prevention activities for the maintenance and improvement of brain health. 

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