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Taiwan business watch Q1, 2021: Biomedical sector

Biomedical Sector Revenue & Growth in Q1, 2021

  • The charts below cover 190 listed and OTC companies, emerging stocks inclusive, in the biomedical related and bio-agricultural sectors in Taiwan.
  • Total revenue TWD76.47 billion registered in Q1, 2021, grew by 19.4% as opposed to the same time last year.

Source: MOPS, compiled by IBMI/RBMP

Top 20 by revenue Q1, 2021: Listed & OTC combined

Top 20 by growth rate Q1, 2021: Listed companies only

Top 20 by growth rate Q1, 2021: OTC companies only

Top 20 by growth rate Q1, 2021: emerging stock companies only

Source: compiled by IBMI/RBMP

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