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A. Our Mission

To coordinate public and private resources to promote the development of biotechnology, medical, social welfare, and health services industries, pave the way for the future of Taiwanese biotechnology, medical, social welfare, and health industries, and improve Taiwan's overall competitiveness.


B. Eligibility

Public or private agencies or organisations that agree with the Institute’s mission.


C. Membership Application

(1) Please download the membership application form here. You will need a Company Seal (carved with the full company name) and a Personal Seal (carved with the name of the person who is legally responsible for the company), if your company is registered in Taiwan, in order to complete the application form. The form must be printed with both company and personal seals on it and be mailed to the Institute for Biotechnology and Medicine Industry (16F-1, No. 3, Park St., Nangang Dist., Taipei 115603, Taiwan), addressing to Ms. Silvia Fan.

Alternatively, if your company is registered outside of Taiwan, a scanned copy of the application form with a signature of the person in charge of your company can be accepted- please email the completed form to Silvia Fan ([email protected]).

Once the application form is received and accepted, applicants will be informed of payment for the admission and annual membership fees (see below). Group members are required to assign a representative to exercise member rights on behalf of the company he/she represents.

(2) Payment- the admission fee is due to be paid in the month following the month your application has been accepted (e.g. your application being accepted in March, the payment shall be made in April), the annual membership fee shall be paid before 31 May.


D. Membership Fees

The admission fee for a group member is NTD 30,000. The annual membership fee is NTD 20,000.


E. Payment

(1) Check: Please make the check payable to "Institute For Biotechnology and Medicine Industry"

(2) Wire Transfer:

  • Company:Institute for Biotechnology and Medicine Industry
  • Tax ID number:14911248
  • Bank:Cathay United Bank, Taipei , Taiwan
  • Swift code: UWCBTWTP
  • Bank account:044-03-0011314
  • Tel:886-2-26558168


F. Member Rights

(1) Member (or representative member) is entitled to the right to vote, the right to be elected, and the right to recall. Each member (or representative member) is entitled to one vote.

(2) Member (or representative member) may attend the Institute's member conference free of charge.

(3) Member (or representative member) may participate in the member networking events hosted by the Institute free of charge.


G. Member Services

(1) Group members can make their basic information, press releases, and event information available on the Institute's official website for the public to see, free of charge.

(2) Group members can enjoy industry information provided by the Institute, including regulatory information, industry news, and market analysis.

(3) Special member discounts are provided for the various industry networking platforms and domestic and international trade promotion events and exhibitions hosted by the Institute.

(4) Members can attend professional conferences or training courses hosted by the Institute for free or for a discounted fee depending on the type of event.

(5) The Institute is open to receiving proposals and recommendations submitted by group members regarding policy, regulations, or the industry environment.


(For details, please see the full member services here)

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