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Industry salary 2020: Biopharmaceutical non-managerial employees


The tables and charts below summarise how salaries for non-managerial employees in the biomedical sector compared between 2020 and 2019 (Reference: Market Observation Post System, MOPS, Taiwan, released June 30, 2021), with currency in Taiwan Dollar (USD:TWD=1:28.04 as of 27 July 2021).   

Industry salary 2020: Biopharmaceutical non-managerial employees

Avg. annual salary in 2020 by listed companies up 4% to $725,000, with 66.7% of them increased pay compared to 2019.

Top five went to Lotus Pharmaceutical ($996k), CHC Healthcare ($994k), Chunghwa Chemical Synthesis & Biotech (CCSB, $963k), SCI Pharmtech ($891k) and Excelsior Medical ($859k).

Avg. annual salary in 2020 by OTC companies up 0.1% to $688,000, with 56.8% of them increased pay compared to 2019.

Top five went to PharmaEngine ($2,348k), Lumosa Therapeutics ($1,178k), TSH Biopharm ($1,126k), SCI Pharmtech ($1,117k) and Foresee Pharmaceuticals ($1,097k). 

OTC companies with avg. yearly salary over TWD1,000,000 for non-managerial employees

Salary of 13 companies, including listed and OTC, posted a double-digit YoY growth. Top three went to Dyaco International, CCSB and Adimmune.

Avg. yearly salary with a double-digit YoY growth for non-managerial employees: Listed & OTC companies combined

Avg. annual salary for non-managerial employees viewed by YoY growth and EPS

Amongst 27 listed and 81 OTC companies that the chart below shows, excluding 6 OTC companies without information on salary, of 42.6% with positive growth in both indicators, of 25.9% with negative growth as the chart reads, and that of 16.7% increased in salary and decreased in EPS, of 14.8% the other way round.

EPS growth (TWD)= EPS 2020-EPS 2019

YoY growth in avg. annual salary (%)= (salary 2020-salary 2019)/salary 2019

Avg. yearly salary for non-managerial employees by industry: Listed in comparison with OTC

The biomedical industry 2020 was ranked 24 amongst 28 listed companies and 13 amongst 27 OTC ones- a 51.2% and 60.3% of avg. yearly salary paid by the semiconductor industry.

Source: MOPS, with summary by IBMI & RBMP

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