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Taiwan business watch 2021: Biomedical top 20

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  • The currency used in this article is Taiwan Dollar (TWD).
  • The biomedical & biopharmaceutical sectors registered with 207 companies, the 2021 revenue totalled $334.9bn, up by 13.37% compared to the year before.
  • Companies with the gains well over $10bn stood at five: Johnson Health Tech (喬山), Lotus Pharma (美時), Dayco International (岱宇), Great Tree (大樹) and Rotam CropSciences (龍燈).
  • Bora Pharmaceuticals (保瑞), Pegavision (晶碩) and Chlitina Holding (麗豐) reaped profits from the YoY growth by 174.08%, 40.64% and 29.96%, respectively.

Top 20 by revenue 2021

Source: MOPS; compiled by IBMI & RBMP

Revenue Breaking Down by Business Focus/Income Stream

*Companies who made to the top three in 2021 for the first time.

Source: MOPS; compiled by IBMI & RBMP

The numbers provided shall be recognised on the following bases.

  1. All 207 companies registered included public and private ones, with data collected from December 2018 up to December 2021.
  2. The numbers shown above referred to which made publicly available out of consolidated financial statements. The Q4 figure, however, had yet to be released at the time this article posted so that it referenced to IFRSs each company disclosed.
  3. Top threes by revenue were grouped based on their operational status to date.
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