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Top 20 biomedical companies by EPS: H1, 2023
Ups and downs, 20 biomedical companies on the following chart, inclusive of listed and those traded in the Taipei Exchange, show mixed results of EPS in the first half of 2023. Amongst them, 12 moved upwards and yet 8 to the opposite. EPS over TWD$10 went from four to two but there were the other four managed to grow in H1, 2023.
And new faces appeared on the chart, as opposed to H1, 2023: Lotus Pharmaceutical, Chlitina Holding, Universal Vision and Shiny Brands, occupied the third to sixth places, respectively. The remaining 16 from the last year either hailed for growth or tumbled significantly, with two ups (Bora Pharmaceuticals, Pegavision) and four downs (CH Biotech, TaiDoc, St.Shine Optical and Syngen Biotech).
Bora Pharmaceuticals took the crown as its EPS saw a drastic boost from TWD$6.1 in 2022 to TWD$22.5 this year, followed closely by Lotus at TWD$9.4. The chart also suggests seven companies sailed smoothly with EPS well above TWD$5.0.
Companies that doubled their EPS from last year were Bora and Lotus, while Shiny Brands operating in skin care and Medical Imaging Corp., a distributor of medical devices, also up by 114% and 117%, respectively.
Nonetheless, six of the top 20 shrank in terms of EPS, with TaiDoc and St.Shine Optical suffering a notable downfall. Added to this list were Norbel Baby Co., Brighten Optix, Hi-Clearance Inc. and Syngen Biotech, whose EPS dropped either significantly or marginally.
Top 20 as per EPS: H1, 2023
Rank Company 2023 H1 2022 H1 Stock Exchange
1 Bora Pharmaceuticals Co., LTD. (保瑞) 22.5 6.1 OTC
2 Pegavision Corporation (晶碩) 10.1 10.0 Listed
3 Lotus Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (美時) 9.4 3.0 Listed
4 Chlitina Holding Limited (麗豐-KY) 7.0 4.3 Listed
5 Universal Vision Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (大學光) 6.6 5.3 OTC
6 Shiny Brands Group Co., Ltd. (軒郁) 6.2 2.9 OTC
7 CH Biotech R&D Co., Ltd. (正瀚) 6.0 6.2 OES
8 TaiDoc Technology Corporation (泰博) 6.0 23.5 OTC
9 St.Shine Optical Co.,Ltd. (精華) 6.0 10.7 OTC
10 Syngen Biotech Co.,Ltd. (生展) 5.5 5.9 OTC
11 Sunmax Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (雙美) 5.0 5.0 OTC
12 INTAI Technology Corporation (鐿鈦) 4.5 3.7 OTC
13 Hi-Clearance Inc. (杏昌) 4.2 5.3 OTC
14 Grape King Bio Ltd (葡萄王) 4.2 4.2 Listed
15 Dr. Wu Skincare Co., Ltd. (達爾膚) 4.1 3.6 OTC
16 Norbel Baby Co., Ltd (諾貝兒) 4.0 7.0 OES
17 Vizionfocus Inc. (望隼) 4.0 2.1 OES
18 Winston Medical Supply Co.,Ltd (溫士頓) 4.0 2.3 OES
19 Medical Imaging Corporation (醫影) 3.9 1.8 OES
20 Brighten Optix Corporation (亨泰光) 3.8 6.1 OTC
Source: MOPS
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