2019 Annual New-Year Party

The New Year Party on 19 March saw more than 400 business leaders, experts and scholars gathering from various fields including healthcare, biotechnology, and ICT. Vice President Chen Chien-Jen, Control Yuan President Chang Po-ya, Minister of Economic Affairs Shen Jong-Chin, Deputy Minister of Science and Technology Shieh Dar-Bin, and Secretary General of the Legislative Yuan, Lin Chih-Chia, all attended the party. Vice President Chen encouraged industry development. On the regulatory side, Taiwan has officially become a member of the International Council for Harmonisation. Also, the launch of the National Biotechnology Research Park in Nangang has become the driving force for the entire industry supply chain and the introduction of innovations has pushed new drug development and advance medical devices toward the better development. In addition, the amendments to the Fundamental Science and Technology Act and the Development of Biotech and New Pharmaceuticals Industry Act have been completed. Those are the common goals for both the government and the private sector.

IBMI Chairman Wang Jin-Pyng said that when developing a start-up, the most important thing is the "driving force of funding". Only funding can drive the speed of hiring, technical development, and research. He called for solidifying investor confidence before seeking cross-industry cooperation while also calling for actions in two major areas: weeding out corruption and seeking benefits, to bring back the confidence of business operators, investors, and owners of technology.

During his speech, IBMI President Chang San-Cheng expressed thanks to the industry for their support of the Taiwan Healthcare+ Expo. IBMI has always assumed the role in creating policy dialogues between the industry, government, and academic sectors. Two consecutive years of the Taiwan Healthcare+ Expo had gradually grabbed the attention of the international community and 2019 will presumably see an even greater showing. The dawn of the era of healthcare and biotechnology big data will set the stage for the tandem of ICT and biotechnology to shine.

During the new year industry party, Chairman Tsai Chang-Hai of China Medical University and Hospital System, which started in healthcare, crossed over to biotechnology, and has successfully collaborated with the ICT industry, was invited. Chairman Peter Tsai of Taiwan's own Orient Europharma, which transformed from a traditional pharmaceutical manufacturing to innovative research and development and securing purchase orders from abroad. The two shared with the audience their vision and thoughts about the development of the industry based on their years of experience in the biomedical industry.

The new year party funneled the wisdom to be shared. Hopefully the innovation platform for Taiwan's health industry can become bigger and more open to accelerate the shaping of the industry chain and the collaborative network that connects to the international community.

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