IBMI delegation to Malaysia: call for collaboration in biotech and therapeutics

Dr Chung-Liang Chien, CEO of IBMI, was invited to the BioUsahawan Conference organised by the Malaysian Bioeconomy Corporation, where he joined YBrs. Dr. Zunika binti Mohamed, Deputy Secretary-General of the Ministry of Agriculture and Agro-based Industries of Malaysia, at the opening ceremony. IBMI delegation led by Dr Chien visited Malaysia on 13 to 16 March.

A topic-specific talk was taking place alongside the conference, which invited Chien and joined by Executive Chairman En. Suhana @ Husin Bin Misnan of Ensu Lifesciences, Director Cik Asna Nabihah binti Aziz of Nature Renascent, and CEO Madam Peggy Cheng Poh Guat of Ganofarm, to broach the subject focusing ‘bioeconomy and biotechnology: applications and opportunities’.

After the conference, further discussions on the Healthcare+ Expo went on with Mohd Khairul Fidzal, Chief Operating Officer of Ministry of Economic Affairs, Malaysia. As a result, there will be Malaysian delegation to visit the Expo to deepen collaboration from both sides.

There will be a Malaysia delegation to visit the Expo to deepen collaborations Malaysia has with Taiwan as per the discussion.

IBMI delegates Hui-Cheng Su, Deputy Director of the Administrative Center at Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, and Dr. Ooi Hean, International Medical Director of Hualien Tzu Chi International Medical Center, met with Datuk Dr Kuljit Singh, Chairman of the Association of Private Hospitals of Malaysia. They discussed what can be done between two nations in terms of international medicine and medical technology between Taiwan and Malaysia, followed by a visit to Malaysia's six-star medical tourism hospital- Prince Court Medical Centre.

Finally, IBMI delegation met with Dr. Teck Onn Lim, CEO of Malaysia Association for Cell Therapy, discussing in which aspect the association may chip in during the Expo. A cell therapy forum at the Healthcare+ Expo can be expected with international experts in participation, which will accelerate Taiwan-Malaysia’s development of cell therapy.

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