2020 Healthcare+ Expo / Government offers full support of digital transformation in healthcare

President Tsai pledges digital transformation in the healthcare industry and supplies necessary to Covid 19

The healthcare supply chain, from therapeutics to disease prevention, is in the spotlight and an opportunity that Taiwan cannot afford to miss given its strength of medicine, biotechnology and ICT, according to Tsai’s speech at the opening ceremony for the Healthcare Expo on 3 December in Taipei.

In her speech, areas of focus are as follows.

The government is working to respond to issues flagged in the white paper released recently by the Institute for Biotechnology and Medicine Industry (IBMI), notably with regulatory affairs, talent development and investment, in order for the Six Core Strategic Industries policymaking to maintain consistency with the industry’s perspective.

The government will push forward digital-transforming the healthcare industry. AIoT, 5G, cloud computing and technologies as such are of top priority.

Access to raw materials and electronic components necessary to the global pandemic prevention must be secured. The government shall continue on

with inventory management endeavours and factor in capacities, demands and sources. President Tsai called for cross-sectoral cooperation in critical times at the end of her speech, she went on to the Epidemic Prevention Top 50 pavilion where RT-PCR testing kits and devices, contactless/remote technologies and their applications were displayed.

High-profile officials and IBMI leaderships including Jin-Pyng Wang, Founder of IBMI, Si-Kun You, President of Legislative Yuan, Tsung-Tsong Wu, Minister of Ministry of Science and Technology, Li-Feng Lee, Deputy Minister of Ministry of Health and Welfare, Wen-Sheng Tseng, Deputy Minister of Ministry of Economic Affairs, Junne-jih Chen, Deputy Minister of Council of Agriculture, Chien-Hwa Yu, Deputy Minister of National Development Council, Chi-Huey Wong, President of IBMI, Wei-Jao Chen, Supervisor of IBMI, and Vice Presidents of IBMI- Pan-Chyr Yang, Chang-Hai Tsai and Barry Lam, attend the opening ceremony in Taipei.

VP Lai encourages initiatives of developing smart healthcare and precision medicine

Vice President Lai Ching-Te visited the Healthcare Expo on 4 December, exposing himself to exhibits including proton therapy, 3D printing, virtual anatomy, telesurgery, telemedicine, international cooperation in Covid-19 containment and a startup accelerator supporting medical devices used in non- and minimally-invasive procedures.

Lai appreciated that the Expo can be held as scheduled despite of Covid-19. He was also impressed when seeing 550 exhibitors, 150 startup companies, 1,580 booths on site and 30 industry associations from abroad online.

As a physician, Lai noticed that medical technology changes very fast and population ageing is particularly concerning. He was positive that medical technology will play its part well in elderly care if it becomes a full-fledged sector.

He also mentioned in his speech, that industry 4.0, plus with AI, IoT, cloud computing, blockchain, VR/AR, pave the way to smart healthcare. Doctors nowadays do not necessarily rely on CT/MRT but genes or other biosignals. Emerging technologies show the right direction for Taiwan-based industries to follow, according to Lai.

Apart from medical training and education, medical technology shall be part of undergraduate curriculum to bridge the learning and doing. Young generations interested in ICT and biotechnology could be meaningful, they can have their dreams fulfilled whilst benefiting the economy and industry development of Taiwan, Lai concluded.

Yu Si-kun, President of Legislative Yuan: Healthcare Expo is the key to prosperity of medicine and technology

Yu expressed his gratitude for Tsai administration and all citizens for fighting the coronavirus pandemic together so that public gatherings can be possible today, as he spoke on behalf of the Healthcare Expo organiser, Institute for Biotechnology and Medicine Industry.

He thanked Jin-Pyng Wang, former president of Legislative Yuan, for Wang’s commitment to promoting biotechnology. Yu and Wang are both known for spearheading Taiwan’s healthcare industry development.

Following the ‘Two Trillion & Twin Star’ initiative in 2002-2003 aimed to expand Taiwan’s footprints in semiconductors, display panels, biotech and digital contents, healthcare now has a dominant place in terms of Taiwan’s global positioning. Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center was about to build during my tenure as the President of Executive Yuan, I am pleased to see the Expo is held at the center 17 years later, Yu said.

Yu also paid his tribute to the Ministry of Health and Welfare, the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Council of Agriculture, the Institute for Biotechnology and Medicine Industry, the Research Center for Biotechnology, the Medicine Policy and Taipei City Government, welcomed attendees to the opening ceremony and invited all to witness Taiwan’s excellence in medicine and technology.

He joined President Tsai later in a guided tour to the Epidemic Prevention Top 50 pavilion and visited hospitals with presence in the Expo.

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