MEDTEX Summit Asia 2018: IBMI signed five MOUs to deepen international connection
Held on 29 November in Taipei, MEDTEX Summit Asia featured medicine and technology, and invited more than 30 global leaders to bring about emerging trends on Smart Health, Biotherapy and Innovative Technology, interact with Taiwanese corporates in views of the future of healthcare and relevant industries.

Jia-Chyuan Su, Minister of the Legislative Yuan, remarked in the opening ceremony. Su reckoned that Taiwan is the ideal destination to develop medical technology given its semiconductors manufacturing, massive and exclusive database of health records and world-class talents. Building international connections more proactively by combining medicine and technology is high on the government’s agenda, Su concluded.  

Five MOUs were signed during the Summit by Minister Su and CEO at IBMI Dr Chung-Liang Chien, with the Medical Software Industry Association of Australia, the Malaysia Association for Cell Therapy, the Federation of Thai Industries (F.T.I.), the Private Hospital Association Thailand and the Thai Medical Informatics Association, respectively. The signing of MOUs means that there will be more multi- and bilateral exchanges and cooperations going forward.  

Dr Chi-Huey Wong, the former president at Academia Sinica, addressed that MEDTEX has the rising importance to Taiwan and nations around the world as medicine and technology shape healthcare we have today. Following semiconductors and electronics, the government has incorporated medicine and technology in its industry development programme. There are products, research and medical technologies to watch for here at the Healthcare+ Expo and MEDTEX, such as medical services, liver transplantation, regenerative medicine and reproductive medicine. Medical advances in the said areas, coupled with biobank, biotechnology park and legislation, will steer the health industry towards a thriving future through sharing and cooperation.   

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