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IC company Sunplus ventures into endoscope cameras

Sunplus Innovation Technology Inc. (‘Sunplus IT) announced in a pre-IPO press briefing yesterday that the company has stepped onto the market for healthcare and AIoT. Income generated by endoscopy camera are anticipated to grow together with its non-PC product lines, which contributes 30% to 40% to the overall revenue.

Sunplus IT has introduced webcam image controllers for remote healthcare, having had clients who develop telehealth solutions in Taiwan and overseas. The other one launched to market is a low-heat-dissipation and low-power-consumption image processor for endoscopes, which is paired with its proprietary AI algorithm, can help improve quality and efficiency of healthcare. Orders placed for single-use endoscope have constantly increased because of the COVID pandemic.

According to Sunplus IT, the preclinical (In Vivo) imaging market is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 8.8% from 2020 to 2023, and the company continues with product rollout with low power consumption, value for money and single-use disposable endoscopes.

SunplusIT is a subsidiary of Sunplus Technology- a leading chip provider with IC products embedded in automotive, audio and multimedia systems.

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