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TSTBio’s iProtin system receives CE mark 

tstbio, a span-off from Taiwan-based Tai-SAW Technology, receives CE mark on its iProtin CRP assay cartridge kit and iProtin reader. This will allow tstbio to gain access to EU markets for in-vitro diagnostics.

tstbio develops point-of-care testing with Surface Acoustic Waves (SAW) technology. The company’s CE-marked biomarker test will be made available for consumers and clinics based in Europe.

iProtin requires only drop of fingertip whole blood and takes no more than 3 minutes to detect C-reactive protein (CRP) levels in the blood as an indicator of inflammation or infection. It provides quantitative results that help healthcare workers make clinical decisions and is easy to use at clinics, nursing homes and for house calls and home care.

Some surveys by multinational companies showed that the European market for telemedicine/telehealth would see revenue growth four and a half times five years down the line. The market in which a large volume of elderly and patients with chronic disease are populated could hit $20.7bn.  

According to tstbio, real-time online testing can be offered to patients who need care so as to reduce unnecessary use of antibiotics, once the company has entered the EU market. Outside the EU, tstbio will proactively promote its offer in Taiwan where product launch in Q3, 2021 is anticipated.

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