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Taiwan develops world's first commercial personalised cancer cell profile

Source: BioSpectrum Asia

Taiwanese startup CancerFree Biotech has developed a breakthrough for patients with stage 2 solid tumour to shorten the drug therapy selection process through a personalized cancer profile.

This is the world's first commercial Circulating Tumour Cell-Derived Organoid (CDO) culture system as part of its E.V.A (Ex Vivo Avatar) technology platform, which, compared to other technologies currently available in the market, boasts better efficacy, efficiency, and speed.

The technology not only shortens the time delayed in trying different therapies but also reduces the risk of side effects for patients who have not yet found an effective drug.

As only 20 ml of blood will be needed, this makes the system highly convenient for collection, especially from elderly patients, or where it is difficult to obtain tissue samples. The technology makes it smoother, easier, more comfortable, and convenient for both physicians and patients to find an appropriate drug therapy.

Additionally, proprietary software developed by CancerFree Biotech automates drug selection, making it easy for users to find the drugs needed for patients. The company was currently invested by Berkeley Skydeck and the Taiwan Ministry of Science Technology (MOST) sponsored them exhibited at the Bio international convention. CancerFree Biotech hopes to cooperate with pharmaceutical companies to bring the technology to scale.

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