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Asus, Nvidia to jointly build Taiwan’s first supercomputer for medical research

Source: Taiwan News by Huang Tzu-ti

The National Health Research Institutes (NHRI) has entered into a partnership with Taiwanese computer manufacturer Asus and American computer systems design company Nvidia to establish an artificial intelligence biotech research center.

The collaboration will see Taiwan’s first supercomputer for medical purposes built by tapping into Nvidia’s AI supercomputer technology, AI models, and analytic computing applications as well as Asus’ cloud prowess.

The work will allow programmers and data scientists to develop relevant software and applications through a single platform, which helps improve the efficiency of medical and pharmaceutical research, NHRI reckons.

The facility will be dedicated to researching and developing applications spanning genetics, multiomics, precision medicine, medical imagery identification, and medication and vaccine development. Meanwhile, AI can be put to good use diagnosing diseases and determining the best possible treatment through biomarker assessment, an important element in the study of preventive medicine.

For years, Asus has invested in AI and cloud, and it boasts a team of hundreds of engineers who have experience creating Taiwania 2. The indigenously built supercomputer is part of the National Center for High-Performance Computing-led program, per UDN.

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