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Health2Sync and AstraZeneca Taiwan to Kick off Digital Patient Management Programs for Chronic Kidney Diseases

Source: Yahoo Finance

Health2Sync, Asia's leading digital chronic disease management platform, announced today that it is signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with AstraZeneca Taiwan to provide its first digital solution for chronic kidney disease (CKD) patients in Taiwan. The partnership targets to reach an early diagnosis and optimize the quality of everyday chronic kidney disease care through the smart detection feature on the Health2Sync patient management platform, which is currently used by over 400 medical institutions worldwide.

"With over nine years of experience in diabetes management, we are excited to see that our continuous efforts have helped patients with diabetes improve their HbA1c after usage of the Health2Sync app," said Ed Deng, Co-founder and CEO of Health2Sync. "These achievements have proven that data integration and digital intervention can be further applied to other chronic diseases since Health2Sync has one of the industry's largest datasets of self-monitored and examination data"

Aligned with AstraZeneca's ambition to increase earlier CKD diagnosis and help slow disease progression, the latest version of the Health2Sync Patient Management Platform will automatically filter and categorize patients into various groups according to their lab results, and notify the healthcare professionals as well as patients for early intervention, which may prevent disease progression and reduce the risk of complications.

Once the Platform identifies patients' CKD risk levels, physicians can review the analysis and the long-term trends of the examination data, and align it with medical interventions. Patients can also utilize the easy-to-use mobile app to consult their care providers for timely adjustments of medication regimens, enabling better chronic disease care.

In Taiwan, Acute and Chronic Kidney Disease is reported to cost almost US$1.8 billion every year, making it the costliest disease to the National Health Insurance system."By working with Health2Sync, we hope to assist primary care physicians in the early identification and better management of chronic kidney disease, ultimately alleviating the healthcare expenditure by slowing down disease progression and preventing debilitating complications," said Claudio Longo, President of AstraZeneca Taiwan.

Through the new partnership with AstraZeneca, Health2Sync is demonstrating its plans to provide digital touchpoints for the management of other disease areas such as CKD and cardiovascular. The company is developing a portfolio of digital therapeutics (DTx) that includes but is not limited to insulin management and behavior change.

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