IBMI VP Pan-Chyr Yang Keynote: Health Industry Development Trends in the Post-Covid Era

IBMI Vice President Pan-Chyr Yang was invited to speak to the Third Wednesday Club on Health Industry Development Trends in the Post-COVID Era. Yang suggested that the government should continue to review the interdisciplinary resources available in medical, technology, and biotechnology to identify the industry's core advantages, reshape the thinking behind the regulatory structure, and promote strategies for cross-industry collaboration to design an industry development blueprint for precision health.

Yang said the pandemic has brought an epic impact on our survival, way of life, and economy. Every single country on the planet is doing all it can to fight the pandemic while introducing various unprecedented bailout and stimulus measures; Taiwan is no exception. Our fight against the pandemic and the outcomes have gained international recognition and set an example for the world to follow.

In his speech, Vice President Yang leveraged his medical expertise to describe to members of the Third Wednesday Club the trends in current epidemics. He pointed out that in the future, human beings will see profound changes and innovations in lifestyle, industry, technology, and healthcare. Yang thus believes that Taiwan should take a proactive approach to turn this crisis into an opportunity- which is to strengthen healthcare supply chains, enhance industry competitiveness, set international benchmarks for medical services and products and prompt deployment of innovations in healthcare and exports of products and solutions related to healthcare.

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