Minister You: Healthcare sets out to be Taiwan’s next flagship industry

Source in Chinese: The Legislative Yuan

Minister Si-kun You (游錫堃) of the Legislative Yuan, joined by President Tsai Ing-wen, Founder Jin-pyng Wang (王金平) and President Chi-huey Wong (翁啟惠) of IBMI, Minister Wu (吳政忠) of Science and Technology, Minister Wang (王美花) of Economic Affairs, Deputy Minister Shih (石崇良) of Health and Welfare and Deputy Minister Chen (陳駿季) of Council of Agriculture, to attend the Healthcare+ Expo opening ceremony on 2 December.

You addressed as President to the Expo General Assembly. He noted that the Expo has grown large since 2017, it is now reckoned one of the must-go trade fairs in Asia. You was proud to see a full house of audience gathering by way of the Expo, thanks to Taiwan’s well management in local infections and the society’s consensus of coexisting with the coronavirus.

The biomedical industry, or often referred to the healthcare industry here, made Taiwan indispensable to global markets. Enacted in 2002, the “Two Trillion, Twin Star Plan” had been focusing on semiconductors and flat-panel displays, digital contents and biotechnology. The plan, as a result, paved the way to thrive the industry today, You added.

He wished the industry to become the sizeable ‘TSMC in healthcare’, given that the coronavirus pandemic forged ahead the process of digital transformation and the use of AI and 5G technologies in health-related sectors and facilities.

Speaking on behalf of the Legislative Yuan, You expressed his gratitude for the Expo organisers and their efforts putting into presenting Taiwan a powerhouse of world-class medicine and technology.

The ceremony concluded with You and high-profile representatives on stage to officially launch the Expo through touch screens connected to the backdrop showing an animated headline “Creating an Ecosystem of Digital Transformation in Healthcare”.

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