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Adimmune boosts productivity of vaccine, adding another 80 million doses

Taiwan-based vaccine developer Adimmune officially launches its second GMP-certified manufacturing facility to offer filling and packaging service. The new addition can offer up to 80 million doses annually, with the kickoff of influenza vaccine Flublok.  

According to Adimmune, more than 50% of Taiwanese government-funded flu vaccines will be filled and packed using the new facility. The company has had a couple of overseas orders in hand, it will then submit application to EU and FDA for review and on-site inspection of the new facility.

Adimmune will proceed with contract manufacturing for clients based in China and Korea once the EU authority and FDA have given the nod on the production line. Apart from flu vaccine, Adimmune has been approached by Shenzhen Tiandao Medicine for making anticoagulant with annual sales of 40 million doses. Korea-based SCD has contracted Adimmune with eye drop filling for macular degeneration treatment, manufacturing for clinical trials and mass production.   

With the new automated production line in operation, Adimmune grows a capacity up to 80 million doses, totalled a hundred million per year if joined by the other facility the company already has. The company is ready for business in making flu vaccine and in filling and packaging that pharmaceutical clients would need, said Adimmune.  

“The new facility could not have been running if a foreign engineering team had not been here with installation of and testing machines. The Ministry of Health and Welfare, Centers for Disease Control, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Taipei Representative Offices in Europe provided support of international arrivals during the pandemic”, Adimmune added.    

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