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Inventec to boost biomedical startup incubation

Kou-I Yeh, President of Inventec Group, attended the National Innovation Award Ceremony, where he represented Inventec to join the "We Innovators Partners and Funds" initiative, which aims to develop Taiwan's biomedical industry and biomedical start-ups.

Together with AUO President Frank Ko, Yeh announced that their partnership with "We Innovators Partners and Funds" will invest a large sum of money in the future to support potential biomedical innovations. Yeh said he has invested in many biomedical start-ups and is optimistic that AI can speed up diagnostics and result generation, and shorten the time to market for products. "It's time for technology to work in full swing in healthcare," Yeh said.

Inventec has been actively developing intelligent healthcare through its subsidiary, Inventec Appliances Corp, to create three product lines, namely "Intelligent Healthcare", "Cloud-based Health Management", and "Precision Medicine". They have also set up an "AI Research Centre" to facilitate R&D of medical devices within the group. Seven years later, Inventec has launched its vital signs monitoring system in Thailand, Singapore, and Hong Kong, it has also developed an AI software for healthcare workers to analyse wounds. Inventec is looking to partner with hospitals a few years down the road to develop more medical devices.

An AI software, I-SWAT®, is the solution with which Inventec achieved the balance between novelty and practicality during the product development process with Taipei Veterans General Hospital. And the result is as good as expected. I-SWAT® fills the gap left by staff shortages and prevents wounds from deteriorating.

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